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Stockholm 6th of August 2023


The company behind the brand Hugo & Celine changes name. Hugo & Celine AB becomes Pet Union Sweden AB.
The next step will be to fusion Naturligt Hundtugg AB with Pet Union Sweden AB.


Hugo & Celine AB and Naturligt Hundtugg AB has in recent years grown quickly with a clear goal to become market leaders on the Nordic market when it comes to snacks for dogs. During 2023 we will proceed with both a name change and a merger to show our consolidated organisation more clearly.

Step one is the name change from Hugo & Celine AB to Pet Union Sweden AB. 

We want to clearly show that we are one company with many brands, Hugo & Celine, TACCAT and Naturligt Hundtugg.

By separating the brand Hugo & Celine from the company name we create clarity for both owners, partners, customers, and suppliers.


The name Pet Union Sweden AB will be stated as the producer on all our products, but the brands will, as before, be the names that the consumer sees.

As a next step, during fall 2023, we will merge Naturligt Hundtugg AB with Pet Union Sweden AB. We are doing this to simplify administration as well as to become a more transparent partner to our clients and suppliers.
We will get back with more details regarding the timing of the merger. 


Pet Union Sweden AB will not be a consumer facing brand but will be the company name and the umbrella to our great consumer brands. 

Pet Union Sweden AB
c/o iOffice, Kungsgatan 60, 111 22 Stockholm, Sweden
VAT#: SE559034356101


If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact us!

Pet Union Sweden AB


“We help people all over the world spend quality time with their pets” 


Elias Liewen  


+46 (0)722 200 917


Jakob Wästberg  


+46 (0)708 956 131

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